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Using The Hydrocarbon Cleaner Aluminum Tube
Apr 20, 2017

In this paper, we study the grease as the main pollutants of thick-walled aluminum pipe cleaning, specifications range inner 2-10 mm, 1-12 m length, wall thickness of 0.5-10 mm3 for cleaning a detailed analysis of the influence of factors, with water bath method, experimental study on the temperature of the liquid cleaning time, observed in 90 ℃ when hydrocarbon cleaner and efficient cleaning ability. By calculation and analysis, the cleaning scope of thick-walled aluminum tube, when the hydrocarbon cleaning fluid flow is greater than 2.2 L/min, flow state for turbulent flow, and can improve their ability of cleaning.

Aluminum tube cleaning before they go out to get more and more valued, thick-walled aluminum tube slender it is harder to clean. As modern industry more and more high to the requirement of thick-walled aluminum pipe cleanliness. But, in the existing pipe cleaning method for thick thin wall aluminum tube cleaning is not effective solution. Because of its features, long and thin card, easy cleaning tools are difficult to enter the tube or even can washing, wash the dirt is difficult to completely discharge, so can only simple by compressed air purge. If the thick-walled aluminum tube factory is no guarantee that a higher cleanliness, can cause pollution to the transmission medium, influence its performance, some precision area this pollution will directly affect the system's life, so the improvement of existing thick thin wall aluminum tube cleaning method or find a new way of thinking is very necessary for thick wall tube aluminum processing enterprises at the same time, also can improve the added value of products. Hydrocarbon cleaning is based on efficient environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent cleaning technology, developed a variety of cleaning equipment of hydrocarbon cleaning has gradually become the mainstream.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent of thick-walled aluminum tube drawing after the residual oil has the strong ability to clean, this article will be introduced to the hydrocarbon cleaning cleaning of thick thin wall aluminum tube, the thick wall tube aluminum as part of the detergent circulation line, implements the thick thin wall aluminum tube high cleanness-degree cleaning, work and research results are as follows: 1 refer to a large amount of relevant literature, the existing cleaning method of cleaning tube to carry on the detailed investigation. Summary analysis of the advantages and disadvantages and cleaning thick thin wall aluminum tube, encounter problems when a thick-walled aluminum tube placement is another line circulation, make the detergent in pipe flow of new ideas, to introduce the cleaning technology of hydrocarbon. 2 through detailed analysis of the characteristics of hydrocarbon cleaning agent and process, determine the fluid steam cleaning, cleaning, steam heating, vacuum drying thick thin wall aluminum tube cleaning process.

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