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US Media: Recovery Of US Steel Industry, Thanks To China This Time
Aug 10, 2017

US media: recovery of US steel industry, thanks to China this time

United States, "Washington Post" reported on August 7th, the U.S. steel enterprises this summer, a resurgence, this time to thank china.

Reported that, according to SteelBenchmaker data, the U.S. steel prices have recovered to three years high. And steel prices this "summer heat", it will benefit from China's steel to inventory, control output, coupled with China's infrastructure construction to boost demand, leading to global steel prices.

The American Iron and steel enterprises is undoubtedly good news, the second largest U.S. Steel Corp (Nucor Corporation) chairman of Steel Corp in the first half of 2017 recorded ten years ago since the recession most profitable year, while the United States the largest steel monopoly of American steel (U.S. Steel) also announced profit beat expectations.

Reported that investors are also very positive views on the U.S. steel plate. In July, Steel Corp, Steel Corp, including the United States Nucor steel holding company AK (AK Steel) and the iron and steel power company (Steel Dynamics), the major steel enterprises share price rose.

Although Chinese in the summer to the American steel industry into a tonic, but the industry still hope that steel prices can go up the floor. SteelBenchmaker data show that although the United States steel prices slightly stronger than in 2015, but it has not yet reached an all-time high. For example, hot rolled strip is currently priced at $681 a ton, only half the price in 2008.

The US industry is counting on the upcoming tariff policy by the Trump administration. But at the end of July, import protection policy of Trump because of our "complex" and blocked, there is no clear policy on time. At that time, more than one steel shares fell.

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