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Trump, Or Will Transform The Obama Period In The WTO Dispute Over Subsidies For Raw Aluminum In China
Sep 01, 2017

Trump, or will transform the Obama period in the WTO dispute over subsidies for raw aluminum in China

Recently, news sources, the Trump administration could "transform" and strengthen the Obama administration mechanism under dispute to solve the issue of subsidies China primary aluminum in the WTO dispute, rather than continue to advance the existing case procedure.

It is reported that the current Trump administration's U. S. trade representative believes that the Obama administration during the dispute over China's subsidies to the original aluminum may be too weak".

A former official from the US trade representative office said it was more logical for the Trump administration to reorganize the case rather than cancel it entirely politically.

In January 12, 2017, the Obama administration in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism under Chinese filed for 5 primary aluminum producers by state funded banks to obtain subsidies dispute cases, that China enterprise obtained by this subsidy will be able to replace China and other imports of American primary aluminum market, cause "serious damage" to the interests of the United States, at the same time also caused aluminum products global overcapacity.

Since the United States launched the dispute in January, Japan, Russia, Canada and the European Union have asked for the consultation process, but the case has not been improved since the Trump administration came to power.

The case involved 5 Chinese primary aluminum producer: China Hongqiao Group Co. Ltd., Chinese aluminum Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Shenhuo foil Co. Ltd., Henan Zhongfu industry Limited by Share Ltd and the National Power Investment Corporation; terms include: "subsidies and Countervailing Measures Agreement" (C fifth) and sixth (a), (b), (c) and (d), of which fifth are about the provisions of agreements may adversely affect v. subsidies, the sixth is a serious violation of the provisions.

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