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The Volume Of Bauxite Imports In China Declined By 31.9% In October
Nov 29, 2017

The volume of bauxite imports in China declined by 31.9% in October


China Customs statistics show that the volume of bauxite imports in China declined by 31.9% in October this year to about 4 million 460 thousand tons. The total number of imports was about 55 million 600 thousand tons in the month of 1-10, up 32.7% from the same period.

In the heating season, the production of bauxite was reduced by about 10% in Shandong in November, and the import of bauxite was reduced in advance. In addition, due to high shipping costs, some alumina factories temporarily reduce imports. At the same time, the September Guinea rainy season also affected the delivery of local bauxite.

In October, the import of bauxite in China was the lowest since February this year. In most countries, the supply of bauxite in most countries fell back down in the month. Among them, the supply of Australian bauxite decreased by 34.1% to 1 million 860 thousand tons, and the supply of Guinea bauxite decreased 32.9% to 1 million 650 thousand tons. The supply of bauxite in Brazil fell by 16.5% to about 310 thousand tons.

Although 6 Indonesia miners have received bauxite export quotas, there is a limited supply of available inventory at present, and the volume of exports is expected to increase significantly in 2018. In October, the Indonesian bauxite mine was supplied by about 126 thousand tons, and the ring fell by 56.2%.

China's demand for bauxite in India continues to be sluggish. In October, only about 97 thousand tons of India bauxite were imported. At the same time, Malaysia Kuantan bauxite export ban continues, the only other states from the export of about 88 thousand tons.

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