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The Main Aluminium Tube Processing And Oil Removal Method
Apr 20, 2017

Aluminum tube price middle softening and finished product using continuous roller hearth heat treatment furnace with water cooling device (the exit), aluminum tube banned by electrical contact heating price, aluminum tube price test report which is not easy to control temperature to expand overseas aluminum tube prices, heating up fast, hit a new low, easy to overtemperature ferritic phase filthier continued weakness, especially when rolling thin wall pipe is expected to heat up, once the control is bad fell, prone to bamboo-like uneven wall thickness outshine others, although this kind of wall thickness is not mean not (generally not more than 0.1 mm).

Dip in electrical contact heating, thin wall parts rapid heating up, Ⅳ caused by local over temperature, make ferrite amount greatly increase fell, aluminum tube prices appear even single-phase coarse grained ferrite organization operating costs, reduced corrosion resistance spot, pickling, then this will produce local pickling climb, ⑿ steel scrap. Solid solution treatment is critical, not only to eliminate the finished pipe residual stress of cold working, aluminum tube prices and ensure that appropriate proportion of two phase and the surface of the product quality. The uniformity of heat treatment need to pay attention to the material temperature and enough time of heat preservation, avoid the solid solution is not sufficient to make steel tube surface residual stress is too high, resulting in some medium caused by stress corrosion.

1, aluminum tube neutral formula, it does not hurt the hand, no corrosion. Unique professional formula, the product contain no added caustic soda, potassium hydroxide aluminum tube high alkaline chemical composition. Ensure that the human body, the equipment in the cleaning process is absolutely safe.

2, aluminum tube cleaning speed, no residue completely. Products using imported non-ionic surfactant, aluminum tube biosurfactant, advanced imported reference formula scientifically distribution, aluminum tube with instant penetration ability, strong emulsifying ability, good expansion performance, excellent water resistance, etc.,

3, aluminum tube environmental protection and efficient. Formula used in the composition of the raw material of the biodegradation rate is more than 95%, at the same time does not contain phosphorus, nitrate, lead, mercury, etc. Aluminum tube can effectively alleviate the pressure of the waste water treatment and processing cost.

4, aluminum tube high performance-price ratio. Products can be according to the pollution degree of heavy water dilute 5-15 times, aluminum tube than the diesel cleaning or traditional chemical cleaning method performance is superior, the oil price of cleaner is more reasonable and safer.

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