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The Environmental Protection Organization Quantity Exceeds 5.5 Tons Of Recycled Aluminum Cans
Nov 02, 2017

The environmental protection organization quantity exceeds 5.5 tons of recycled aluminum cans


On Saturday October 28th, the United Arab Emirates environmental protection organization (EEG) organized the twenty-first "aluminum cans recycling" activities, unprecedented number of participants. More than 200 representatives and residents from the UAE hotels, academic institutions and enterprises participated in the event. More than 5.5 tons of aluminum cans were collected. These aluminum cans will be used for recycling production.

This year, the UAE environmental protection organization has collected 17.6 tons of aluminum cans. The target of this year's aluminum cans recycling is 28 tons, and the current recovery has reached 63% of the target. Habibu Marash, chairman of the UAE environmental protection organization, said that as of now, the organization has collected more than 300 tons of aluminum cans.

In addition to aluminum cans, the UAE environmental protection organization also encourages recycling of waste paper, plastic containers, glass containers and waste mobile phones. In a statement, the organization said that the UAE environmental protection organization is accelerating the achievement of the UN's goal of sustainable development through organizing similar activities.

Ball Corporation packaging beverage business director Anthony Barnett said: "as the world's leading metal packaging manufacturers, tank packaging is also one of our business. We are committed to the promotion, use and recycling of our products, and strive to supply sustainable packaging for the global market."

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates environmental protection organization is working with the United Nations Environment Programme to work together to achieve the goal of "clean, green and green planet".

Ball Corporation is one of the official sponsors of the "aluminum cans recycling" campaign in 2017; Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc is also one of the sponsors.

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