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The Continuous Production Line Of Aluminum Ingot Horizontal Continuous Line Has Reached The World's Leading Position In The United States Metal Service Center
Sep 21, 2017

The continuous production line of aluminum ingot horizontal continuous line has reached the world's leading position in the United States metal service center

The day before, the metal service center is located in the U.S. state of Virginia of Prince George (Service Center Metals) production line of horizontal continuous casting ingot Aluminum Alloy circle, which is the center of the second kinds of casting machine, continuous line round ingot of its level (HDC) production capacity of 45 thousand and 360 tons / year, and the first production capacity of casting line of 34 thousand and 20 tons / year, the total production capacity of 79 thousand and 380 tons / year, becoming the world's largest HDC Aluminum Alloy output extrusion ingot casting. Two production lines located in parallel casting workshop, aluminum melt out of the groove distance is about 2m, and then gradually increase the distance to their casting machine, casting machine two Taiwan spacing is about 20m.

The total production capacity of the two horizontal continuous casting lines is nearly 80 thousand tons / year, and some of them are sold to the North American market, in addition to meeting the needs of the center itself. The first casting production line was put into operation in 2003. The maximum diameter of ingot can be 356mm. It has 2 extruders and first sets of 228.6mm. It was put into operation in August 2003. Second units can extrude 356mm ingot and put into production in March 2006. In 2006, the output of American soft alloy extrusions was about 476 thousand tons / year (mainly 6063 alloy and 6061 alloy), including 18% of metal service centers. 228.6mm's extruder (the largest diameter of the extrusion spindle) has a product quality of 0.7436kg/m - 55.74kg/m, and the 356mm extruder has a product quality of 2.23kg/m - 89.23kg/m.

Horizontal continuous casting is now the superiority of this method to a very high level, much of that is due to the compact remelting (Compact Remelt Plant concept shop concept, CRP Concept) formation and development, it is Austria SMS group (SMS) the Hutt weech Center (Hertwich) is proposed, and development and improvement. The concept of CRP in the last century, formed in 80s, the first is to solve the problem of extrusion plant, used for melting (new process waste) and old (acquired from market) scrap, by melting and processing after casting extrusion ingot. After 10 years of development and improvement, the current CRP has formed a set of material - filling - melting - melt treatment - Double stacking long ingot ultrasonic flaw - continuous uniform processing - controlled cooling, long spindle packing and shipping industry chain, which is the world's first the headless short long process of ingot smelting casting production line.

As of 2016, the Hutt weech oblong ingot smelting casting production line there are around 30, but the largest production capacity is the two line service center, covers an area of 25260.72m2, the total length of the ingot production capacity of 79 thousand and 380 tons / year, except for the use of 60%, and 40% of the export of high quality and long spindle.

The metal Service Center No. 2 horizontal continuous casting line construction speed, high engineering quality, thanks to the Hutt weech center and service center work together, because from the beginning of the design engineers and workers Service Center to participate in the project construction, played an important role after the start of the smooth operation of 16 months has been running in normal operation, no damage of parking accident. The line operates 25 workers. The 2 production lines are smelting burners with regenerative burners and modern control techniques, so they have very high thermal efficiency. Raw material preheating chamber line 2 is composed of a box shaped into vertical barrel, raw materials from the top into the hot gas from the bottom to rise, raw materials of organic compounds on the surface to form some incineration, pyrolysis gas flows into the main combustion chamber, melting chamber preheating furnace is heated to a certain temperature of the original charge enter the furnace. The molten aluminum pump in the molten chamber can circulate the aluminum, accelerate the melting and reduce the oxidation loss.

The furnace of aluminum melt by emission spectrum component analysis every 30min after passing the outflow from the furnace into the rotary degassing furnace (room), the hydrogen content in the melt below 0.19cc/100g, the ceramic foam filter to remove impurities into the horizontal continuous casting machine, line 2 of the ingot diameter is 356mm. Now the world's largest, exceeded the level of casting area, but also can cast two different spindle diameter.

Die casting horizontal continuous casting machine can be 7 days of continuous casting, the casting speed during the cooling intensity of cooling water constant consistent from beginning to end, the same, so several thousand meters long spindle only a head and a tail, 7 days in ingot metallurgical structure unchanged, such as a performance. In the formal casting, each cast about 7.3m or 14.5m long long stop casting, will produce as scrap and cooling speed of spindle head and tail, head, middle and tail of a metallurgical structure and performance are also slightly different, from the point of view, the advantages of horizontal continuous casting is There is nothing comparable to this. No. 2 horizontal continuous casting line can be cast 18 - 20 ingots per casting.

Cast ingots are subjected to 100% ultrasonic inspection. Now the metal service center extrusion market sales to North America extrusion ingot product name to "Laser Log", which was 6061, 6063, 6082 alloy, 6005A, 6105, 203mm, 356mm each diameter, the diameter of the ingot is 25.4mm, the maximum length of 7874mm ingot. The center's cast "Laser Log" ingot has a fairly smooth surface and a smooth feel.

The surface quality and VPC Laser Log ingot is also slightly better than the ingot, the thickness of the surface layer and the VDC ingot, fine grain size, less than 150 m, after homogenization, the microstructure in the beta phase 95% is transformed into D-AlFeSi phase, the performance of the ingot to improve, can produce high-quality extrusion the material properties of stability.

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