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Jul 24, 2017

Southwest China Aluminum Aluminum Inc: continue to more space aluminum alloy key material legend

In November 3, 2016, equipped with the "SWA" made the success of China's first aluminum maximum thrust model of carrier rocket Long March five, the first flight of the long march five holding up the power to explore the vast universe of dreams, "SWA" once again left the silver mark in space.

In the near future, the Southwest Aluminum (Group) limited liability company, which has provided more than nine layers of aluminum material for the long march five arrow structure, has been awarded the honorary title of "outstanding contribution unit for the first mission of Long March No. five carrier rocket".

Ten years of deep plowing, the giant arrow, as SWA with responsibility, innovation, a medal again flashing a brilliant, illuminating the way forward in swa.


In 2006, the state formally approved by the development of Long March five, the end of the year, SWA was ordered to March five, development of high-quality special materials.

Long march No. five carrier rocket is the first type of newly developed and new generation carrier rocket in China. It is also a large launch vehicle with the largest take-off weight, the largest technology span and the largest carrying capacity in china. The future of the heavenly palace space station and Beidou navigation system will be used in the three phase of the Lunar Reconnaissance project, the Mars exploration and other deep space exploration.

From 1990 SWA developed a diameter of 3.5 meters of the "Asia's first ring" Aluminum Alloy forged ring so far, SWA has "Long March" rockets, the goddess of the moon, day boat, Shenzhou series of spacecraft, the key weapon equipment development and provide a large number of high performance aluminum alloy material, meet the national major engineering requirements. But this time, SWA assumes the task more difficult, to provide all kinds of transfer box, transition ring ring and a large number of thin plate, the long march No. five rocket body structure, body structure accounted for more than 90% of the total aluminum required. But the most difficult is that the long march five rocket body structure for the first time in China to limit the diameter of a maximum of 3.35 meters, 5 meters across, ring diameter must satisfy the rocket body structure 5 meters in diameter, which means that the material development will face another challenge.

The 5 meter overall aluminum alloy ring is the "joint" of the long march No. five carrier rocket. At that time, no domestic company could produce a 5 meter overall forging ring. In the blockade of foreign technology, no experience, no data available, material specifications far beyond the design capacity, forging ring production equipment in extremely harsh conditions, to develop this on behalf of the world's top level of the whole forging technology of ring, difficult as can be imagined. In addition, many of the aluminum alloy plates, bars and rings used by long march five are proprietary standards for the new generation of launch vehicles, which require special research and development, followed by customized production.

"Long March five" project is a major national project, no matter how arduous the task, how urgent the time, and meet the urgent needs of the country is our top priority." A short period of time, the consensus of SWA will work closely together, act quickly set up long march five project development team began development of material. From the production, equipment, technology, technology systems from hundreds of key personnel composed of R & D team, regardless of the day and night of the road, in the race against time on the crucial road.


Major construction projects in each country, there are SWA innovative material security, so long march five.

At the end of 2006, the depth of Chongqing, 5 meters of ring rolling mill equipment of SWA large space Aluminum Alloy ring research team gathered in the new before the maximum diameter of the forged ring before the production of only 3.5 meters, the new equipment not matching parameters, no information can be found, which means that the equipment, technology, technology it is scratch, can complete the task?

Equally doubtful are the material design units that deliver the development mission. At that time, the design unit even thought of a "return to the next" program: if the production can not be an integral ring, the production of 1/2 rings, the use of welding process to complete the production of ring. But the welded ring is not as good as the overall ring performance, will lead to the overall performance and stability of the carrier rocket down, and the overall ring in the rocket to reduce the weight of the structure is unmatched by the welding ring.

In the early stage of development, the research work was in a dilemma because it was unable to break through the forming difficulties. After numerous failures and production conditions that can not be changed, R & D teams work hard to tap the potential of equipment, processes, technology, and personnel.

The size of the process optimization, moderation, operation level, how to improve? When problems arise, the team immediately meets to analyze the findings, identify causes, and propose improvements. In an exchange, the team bit of innovative thinking collision sparks, after numerous failures, and finally in January 2008 successfully rolled out 5 meters overall ring.

In January 2008, 5 meters overall ring acceptance results make the material design units excited: SWA has succeeded in resolving major technical problems of 5 m Aluminum Alloy forged rings, the comprehensive performance of the standard completely!

The 5 meter class aluminum alloy forging ring has more comprehensive performance than the American aerospace material standard. It fills the gap in the country and has obtained 8 patents for inventions and 2 utility models, and has formulated 2 national military standards. 5 meter class aluminum alloy overall ring technology research and development, won the first prize of Chongqing science and technology progress in 2014. At the end of 2016, Chinalco

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