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Southwest Aluminum C919 Material Is Developed To Add New Army
Dec 20, 2017


On December 17, the second C919 was successfully launched, marking a new journey towards a full-scale test flight of a large domestic aircraft.

Following the provides 30 specifications for the C919, after more than 600 aluminum alloy forgings, a few days ago, chinalco southwest aluminum and test out the C919 large aircraft with the alloy aluminium wheels of passenger window frames and precision die forgings, filled the gap in this field in our country.

Application in domestic C919 plane, the chinalco developed by southwest aluminum forgings 30 specifications, these forgings with high strength and high toughness, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance of excellent characteristics, mainly used in the middle of the wing, wing activity area, body areas such as the wings, landing gear, is the key to the aircraft structure.

In order to speed up the process of aviation aluminum localization, to make greater contributions to the country in chinalco's door and aircraft "passenger window window frame", "precision die forgings hub" project research and development work, chinalco southwest aluminum burden to carry, unswervingly implement scientific and technological innovation, power running on material research.

For a long time, the domestic aluminum alloy precision die forgings such as plane frame are dependent on imports, and abroad also only a professional forging manufacturer can produce this kind of forging, rare and implement strict technology blockade, to research and development in the field of precision die forgings is not easy to get the breakthrough.

Both die forgings with thin wall and high rib, window frames to all the processing precision die forgings, wheel hub for the most part forging parts are not for machining, so the size precision and shape tolerance, high surface quality requirement, and because of the strict service environment on fatigue performance requirements is very high.

To meet the requirements of die forgings with high performance, high surface quality, need breakthrough including alloy composition optimization, precision die forging forming, high precision dimension control and organization performance uniformity control, a number of key technologies.

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