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Six Suggestions For The Development Of Aluminum Tube Industry
Nov 09, 2018

Six suggestions for the development of aluminum tube industry

I. implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction

With advanced and applicable new cathode structure aluminium electronics technology, advanced and applicable alumina energy saving technology and advanced aluminium processing technology, the existing production capacity of electrolytic aluminium, alumina and aluminium processing is technologically reformed to improve the level of industrial technology and equipment, reduce material and energy consumption, increase varieties and improve quality.

Two. Develop high quality products.

Relying on superior enterprises, industrial agglomeration areas and major projects, we will actively promote the industrialization of new technologies and large-scale manufacturing. Focus on the development of aluminum alloy plate for aerospace, high performance semi-solid aluminum alloy billet and parts, turbine engine impeller material, 6 series automobile aluminum alloy plate, 2 series aluminum alloy, 7 series aluminum alloy, Al-Li alloy, aluminum alloy plate for cryogenic equipment, large-scale aluminum for high-speed trains and freight trains, thin weldable aluminum alloy Plate, ultra high purity aluminum, high voltage anode aluminum foil and deep processing projects.

Three. Developing aluminum resources.

Through domestic and foreign resources exploration and development, we can effectively increase domestic resource reserves and overseas equity resources. Speed up the construction of overseas bauxite supply base, ease the pressure of domestic bauxite supply, break the monopoly of international bauxite resources, solve the bottleneck of bauxite supply, and maintain the sustainable development of China's aluminium industry.

Four, the implementation of circular economy

Following the concept of circular economy, we should promote cleaner production, control pollutant production and discharge from the source and the whole process, and reduce resource consumption. The comprehensive utilization of red mud, waste lining of electrolyzer and high alumina coal resources should be strengthened to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources. We should improve the recycling system of renewable resources and promote the large-scale and efficient utilization of renewable resources.

Five, implementing the strategy of going global.

Bauxite, coal mine and other disposable resources matched with the bauxite industry are scarce or non-renewable. The focus of strategic competition or control will undoubtedly be on the reserve, integration, allocation, orderly development and efficient utilization of strategic resources. Under the situation of scarcity of domestic resources, increasingly fierce market competition and saturation, it is necessary to implement the strategy of "going out", aiming at countries and regions with relatively weak production technology and abundant bauxite resources, directly or indirectly controlling their bauxite resources and building factories or EPC overseas. The general contracting way expands the overseas market.

Six, speed up innovation, product upgrading

According to the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of aluminium industry, the comprehensive power consumption of aluminium ingots will be reduced to below 13300 kWh/t at the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". Under the double pressure of arduous task of energy saving and emission reduction and low-cost competition, technological innovation will usher in a new development peak. In the long run, the direction of technological innovation mainly centers on the following aspects: low carbon, low energy consumption, low pollution, long life and efficient green smelting technology, localization and intellectualization of key aluminium equipment, and intermediate production of aluminium products.

Recycling and efficient utilization of materials, accessory products and wastes, industrialization of bauxite substitutes and development of aluminium alloys with high strength and high damage tolerance, etc.


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