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Russian Scientists Have Developed A New Type Of Thin Film Solar Cells New Materials
Aug 07, 2017

Russia's economic modernization and innovation development committee news release, the Russian Academy of Sciences of chemistry and physics researchers have successfully developed a thin film solar cell efficiency and stability of organic semiconductor materials based on. The organic semiconductor material is composed of conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives. The research project was supported by the Russian science foundation, and the results were published in the scientific journal Journal of Materials Chemistry.

The Russian researchers found in the study to create new conjugated polymer in CO polymers using irregular, one single chain in the main chain were irregularly arranged, relative to the total polymer structure rules, the better photoelectric properties. Based on the findings, the research team developed a new type of organic thin film solar cell photoelectric conversion in the practical application of more than 7%, better than many similar products, and the production cost of the new type of thin film solar cell is low, commercial application prospect.

The researchers conducted a field test of several kinds of organic thin film solar cells obtained from the experiments take place in the Negev desert in Israel, from the actual data acquisition, the realization method of copolymer structure optimization better by electron paramagnetic resonance. Organic solar cells will spark the world's energy revolution, researchers say, because the cost of getting electricity from new materials to convert solar energy is already lower than the way traditional fossil fuel power is acquired.

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