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Russian Aluminum Launched A New Low-carbon Aluminum Brand ALLOW To Promote Environmental Protection Is Another Example
Nov 08, 2017

Russian Aluminum launched a new low-carbon aluminum brand "ALLOW" to promote environmental protection is another example


In November 2, 2017, Moscow - leading aluminium producer UC RUSAL ("Rusal"; Stock Code: 486; Euronext: RUSAL/RUAL; the Moscow Stock Exchange: RUAL) is pleased to announce the launch of its new, low carbon aluminum brand "ALLOW", the average value of greenhouse gas emissions from the individual brand is much less than in the carbon footprint.

With the consumer's demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly aluminum, Rusal has developed a very low carbon footprint product with its unique advantages of clean and renewable hydraulic energy. The carbon footprint of "ALLOW" is less than 4 tons of carbon dioxide / ton aluminum, while the average carbon footprint of the global aluminum industry is about 12 tons of carbon dioxide / ton aluminum (range 1 and 2 of the smelter). All the "ALLOW" brand metals produced by Russian aluminum will be certified independently, providing reliable certification for customers.

Representatives of customers and aluminium were invited to attend the annual meeting of Rusal at the London Metal Exchange in London to witness the formal launch of the "ALLOW" brand.

Since its inception, Rusal has invested heavily in reducing carbon footprint, including modernizing facilities and developing new technologies. In 2016, Rusal spent $120 million on environmental protection policies.

"ALLOW" continues the strategy of leading the Russian aluminum industry, including improving the sustainability of the products and becoming the leading low carbon aluminum producer. Since 1990, Rusal has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 57% per ton of aluminum, and will set a more ambitious goal in the future.

Vladislav Soloviev, President of Rusal, said: "our brand new low-carbon aluminum brand'ALLOW'has been officially launched, marking the strategic development of Russian Aluminum sales and breakthroughs in cooperation with customers. We understand that consumers are paying more attention to the origin and related carbon footprint of the products purchased, and 'ALLOW' is confident of providing the lowest carbon footprint for consumers and manufacturers. "

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