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Recent Mainly Push:aluminum Tent Poles Accessories For Camping Tents
Jul 01, 2017


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1.The use of tent poles

 Supporting the tents.

2.The choice of tent pole material

  Now most of the market is Aluminum Alloy tents and glass rods, compared with Aluminum Alloy,regardless of the weight or toughness and under pressure are better than the former, the market often have 7001,7001-T6,7075,7178, most of which is the 7001 material Aluminum Alloy, because 7001 is Aluminum Alloy in hardness, toughness, good together and even under heavy pressure, but will not break easily deformation. Aluminum rod can be used, it will generally be two layers, waterproof certainly will do.

  Select the tent pole material: depending on the style of the tent you have chosen

Tourist tents, European style tents, celebration tents, folding tents: beautiful, atmospheric, material, it is better to choose aluminum alloy material.

Construction tent, military tent, relief tent, fixed tent: firm and firm, galvanized pipe is best.

3.Recent mainly push:aluminum tent poles,give you lowest price in China,with high quality

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