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Pressure Aluminium Tube Composed Of Standard Parts
Apr 20, 2017
Pressure aluminium tube components are standard parts, so the design of the pressure piping component mainly is the selection of standard parts, pipe pressure is to determine the level of the determination of standard grades. Pipeline pressure level includes two parts: nominal pressure said standard pipe nominal pressure level; To wall thickness level according to standards in pipe wall thickness level. Pipeline pressure rating: usually by the standard pipe fittings in aluminum pipe nominal pressure level and wall thickness level jointly set can reflect the pipeline pressure characteristic parameters are called pipe pressure level. And to simplify the description, often called the pipeline pipe nominal pressure level pipeline pressure rating. Pressure level determination is the basis of pressure pipeline design, also is the core of the design. It is pressure piping layout, the design of the pressure piping stress check condition, also influence the reliability of pressure pipeline infrastructure investment and important factor.
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