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Operating Regulations And Notices For Industrial Aluminum Alloy Profiles
Mar 14, 2019

Definition of Industrial Aluminum Materials

1) Industrial aluminium alloy profile is a kind of alloy material with aluminium as its main component. Aluminum rods can be hot melted and extruded to obtain aluminium materials with different cross-section shapes. However, the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminium profiles are different due to the different proportion of alloys added.

2) According to GB/T5237.1-2004.

3) Generally speaking, industrial aluminium profiles refer to all aluminium profiles except those for doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and architectural structures.

II. Operational Procedures and Notices for Extrusion Industry Aluminum Material

The most important problem of extrusion is the control of metal temperature. From the beginning of ingot heating to quenching of extrusion profile, it is necessary to ensure that the soluble phase structure does not precipitate from solid solution or present the dispersive precipitation of small particles. The heating temperature of 6063 alloy ingot is generally set in the temperature range of Mg2Si precipitation. The heating time has an important influence on the precipitation of Mg2Si. Rapid heating can greatly reduce the time of possible precipitation. Generally speaking, the heating temperature of 6063 alloy ingot can be set as follows: non-homogenized ingot: 460-520 and homogenized ingot: 430-480.

The extrusion temperature is adjusted according to different products and unit pressure during operation.

(1) Analyse the process first:

1. Before opening the extruder for aluminium materials, it is necessary to ensure that there are no impurities and oil pollution around the equipment and on the machine platform.

2. Prepare raw materials according to production requirements and pour them into the trough according to proportioning requirements.

3. Check the power supply and confirm that the control cabinets are working normally.

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