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New Energy Vehicles Speed Up And Speed Up Aluminum Alloy Applications Enter The Fast Track
May 09, 2018

China International Aluminium Industry Exhibition to seize this opportunity to focus on the application of lightweight materials to help ease the mileage of new energy vehicles, improve transport capacity and driving experience, is the main lightweight way in the future, in-depth exploration of aluminum in new energy applications And future development trends for companies to broaden their ideas and demonstrate cutting-edge technological achievements


As an international showcase and exchange platform for promoting aluminum consumption, the 2018 China Aluminum Industry Exhibition (ALU) will be held on July 11-13 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall W1-W3. The organizer has accumulated 14 years of accumulation. This time, it is closely grasping the opportunities for rapid development of new energy vehicles. Through in-depth investigation and understanding of the market demand for new energy vehicles, the 2018 plans to hold “into the excellent OEM” at the same time. "And other related activities, through the precision of the buyers invitation, to achieve the same technology + technology + display results, creating a professional one-stop communication platform.

The organizers will also pay close attention to and interpret the policies of the new energy auto industry, keep abreast of market trends, and always seek innovation in conformity with national policies and market demands, and solve the “pain points” of market information asymmetry by opening up channels for supply and demand to become effective. Connect specialized trade platforms for exhibitors and buyers.

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