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Nepal Plans To Cross Border Transmission Lines To Connect China Power Grid
Aug 07, 2017

Nepal and China have started joint development of cross-border transmission lines, paving the way for power trade between the two neighbors.

Nepal's senior Ministry of energy official said that Nepal has submitted to the Chinese government a memorandum of understanding on the joint development of the two countries' transmission lines.

Xinhua also reported that cross-border transmission lines would pave the way for electricity trade between the two countries.

Nepal's former Prime Minister Paleo Ollie during a visit to China in March last year had requested the cross-border transmission line project 400 thousand volts at rush - Koren boundary point ouaga.

Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, head of Nepal's energy ministry, said: "according to the consensus reached by former Prime Minister Ollie during his visit to China, more than four months ago, the draft of the cross border transmission line for cooperation has been sent to China.". At the moment, we are awaiting a response from the Chinese side."

In terms of hydropower, Nepal is considered one of the most potential countries. Nepal is developing several hydropower projects in Nepal and china. The construction of cross-border transmission lines will help strengthen trade in electricity between the two countries

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