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Most Metal Production In Peru Rose In The First Half
Aug 11, 2017

Most metal production in Peru rose in the first half

In the first half of the year, the country's copper, zinc, iron ore and molybdenum production rose, while 5 other metals fell, according to data from the Peru energy ministry.

Despite the impact of free port, Mike, Moran and the Southern Copper Company and other factors, copper production in the first half of Peru still reached 1 million 180 thousand tons, an increase of 4.7% compared with 1 million 120 thousand tons last year. The free port Mike Moran's Cerro Baird (Cerro Verde) copper production of 246 thousand and 400 tons, followed by Chinese Minmetals bambas copper 217 thousand and 600 tons, Antamina (Antamina) 216 thousand and 400 tons, 146 thousand and 300 tons of Southern Copper, Glencore paisit pakai (Antapaccay) 96 thousand and 500 tons, China aluminum teluomoke (Toromocho) 91 thousand and 200 tons, and Hadebei mineral company (Hudbay Minerals) Constant Thea (Constancia) 57 thousand tons of copper.

Gold production in the first half was 72.51 tons, down 6% from 77.14 tons in the same period of last year. Mainly because of Newmont and Barik two of the company's production decline. Newmont Yann Kochar (Yanacocha), Barrick gold and production was 8.04 tons and 7.67 tons. Newmont gold output in 2017 is expected to cut the yanacocha.

Zinc production was 808 thousand tons, an increase of 12.6%, mainly because the Antamina copper production growth. Lead production was 151 thousand and 700 tons, down 2.1%. Silver production was 2160 tons, down 0.7% year on year.

Iron ore production was 4 million 580 thousand tons, an increase of 9.5%. Molybdenum production was 12 thousand and 700 tons, an increase of 3.7%.

Tin production was 8811 tons, down 0.4%. Cadmium production was 377 tons, down 4.8%

Mineral exports account for 60% of Peru's total exports. Peru is the world's second largest producer of copper and silver, the third largest producer of zinc and tin, and the fifth largest producer of gold.

Peru plans to increase copper production by 3 million tons / year in 2020.

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