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Ministry Of Commerce: China's Export Of Aluminum Products Is The Basic Balance Of Supply And Demand In Market Behavior
Aug 14, 2017

Ministry of Commerce: China's export of aluminum products is the basic balance of supply and demand in market behavior

On July 27, 2017, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference. At a news conference, a reporter asked, recently the United States International Trade Commission said in a report that in fact, Chinese aluminum products and "government sponsored pile up in excess of requirement, the rise of global aluminum industry is hurting. A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said in response to the summit, the Ministry of Commerce noted the United States recently released 332 investigation report on the competitiveness of the aluminum industry. The report pointed out that the rapid development of Chinese aluminum industry, mainly by the strong domestic infrastructure construction and construction in areas such as aluminum demand pull, is in order to meet the needs of the development of the domestic economy, supply and demand is basically balanced. The report does not believe that China's aluminum industry was developed by government sponsorship, but by the continuous efforts of the Chinese industry and sustained technological innovations. In addition, China is a big exporter of aluminum products, but mainly to the lack of aluminum supply countries to export, providing support for the local economic construction, is entirely market behavior.

Summit said that at present, with the development of economic globalization, the global aluminum industry has the depth of integration, you have me, I have you. The development of the global aluminum industry is facing some difficulties, which is a global joint effort to solve the problem.

As China's domestic demand continues to increase, aluminum processing capacity is growing rapidly. At present, China's aluminum industry is in accordance with the requirements of the five major development concepts, and actively promote the supply side structural reform. China is willing to join hands with all the aluminum producing countries, including the United States, to work together to tackle the problem and to work together to promote the healthy and stable development of global aluminum industry.

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