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Kobe Steel Fraud Impact Of Japan's Two Nuclear Power Plants Delayed 2 Months To Restart
Dec 01, 2017

Kobe steel fraud impact of Japan's two nuclear power plants delayed 2 months to restart


According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported, Kobe steel fraud influence, Japan's Kansai electric power company, the 3 big rice nuclear power station unit 4 and Kyushu Electric Power Genkai nuclear power plant 3, unit 4 will be delayed for 2 months to restart.

Japan's Kansai electric power company said in November 30th, 3, No. 4 unit of the original plan in January next year and March restart oi nuclear power plant (located in Fukui Prefecture) were delayed 2 months to restart. This is because Kobe steel exposed product data tampering, parts of nuclear power plant investigation takes some time.

The report said that after the delay was postponed, it is expected that the time of the electricity tariff reduction will be postponed, and the impact on the operation will be bigger. Kyushu Electric Power Company also, for the same reason, decided to postpone the restart time of unit 3 and 4 of the Xuan Hai nuclear power plant for 2 months.

It is reported that turn off the electric had been confirmed using a Kobelco parts, but it has been said that security is no problem. President Iwane Shigeki also said at a press conference on the 27 day that "it is not an adjustment to the whole project."

Fukui Prefecture Nishikawa Issei has agreed to restart the big meal 3, 4 units in November 27th.

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