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How To Reduce The Precision Aluminum Tube Defects During Production
Apr 20, 2017

Precision aluminum tube defects is lead to waste of a factor, a small defect in precision aluminum tubes will nullify the whole root length cutting precision aluminum tubes. Because of the high precision aluminum tube added value, squeeze the manufacturer should try our best to reduce the precision aluminum tube defects. Not squeeze the cycle time - assuming precision aluminum pipe extrusion machine productivity per hour 30 root aluminium rods, save the time of 10 seconds per non extrusion cycle, then the squeezing time can increase 2 hours a day, 2 hour means that the output of more than 8%, which is equivalent to lower profile per kg by as much as 8% of the switching costs. Downtime (disruptions) - due to stop the loss of huge (in our example outage loss of 48.00 yuan per minute), what's more, because there is no output during downtime and loss of productivity. The extrusion speed - outsourcing high-tech precision brought by the aluminum tube mould production efficiency should be seriously considered. If buy precision aluminum tube mould and extrusion compared to manufacture the mold manufacturers themselves can achieve higher extrusion speed, then a medium amount of orders can make up for the additional costs due to buy the mold. For example, suppose the normal cost is 2860.00 yuan/hour, because of the high purchase technology mould and produce the additional cost of $10000.00, as long as the extrusion speed increases by 50%, the basic production efficiency reached 800 kg/hour, so can make up for a less than 10 tons of order because of the high using price of mould and produce additional cost.

Using the porous mould, on the extrusion speed can be increased by 200% (2 hole mold), even 300% (3 hole mold), the economic benefit will be higher. Tractor use modern precision aluminum tube, one of the biggest benefits is when precision aluminum tube reaches the correct extrusion length, tractor has the function of control extrusion machine stop pressing. This and the extrusion cycle are similar, but due to the extrusion of precision aluminum tube happens to be the length of the need, caused no squeezing the waste of time. So can save more cost, because in reducing waste and save the transportation and recycle use of waste out of link. Precision aluminum tubes from extruder extrusion, the most important goal is by reducing waste, to increase the rate of production and shipment, send more products to customers. Extrusion before any scrap cost will be very high, so in the following process should be as much as possible to reduce the generation of waste. Will waste to a minimum, must be implemented at the stop mark sawing (stop mark cycle refers to the extrusion process, the mould left their mark on a profile).

Only two technologies can be implemented at the stop mark sawing - flying saw cutting and double the length of the system. Flying saw cutting technology refers to the extrusion process of cutting. Using the flying saw cutting technology can realize after the stop mark out of the extruding machine, cutting the profile in the stop mark. Double the length of the system is to point to wait until after the second profiles, in the compression cycle inner cut off between the first and the second profile. Two technologies each has its advantages. Double the length of the system can provide two extrusion cycle, air cooling time, this is very useful for building alloy. But lower cost of flying saw cutting system (equipment costs and the cost of factory space) and to allow more than a good mode operation, without having to stop pressing machine. Precision aluminum tubes on the extrusion machine transmission system mobile - anything that moves on the extrusion machine transmission system may cause damage to precision aluminum tubes. For example: modern transmission system use tractors to precision aluminum tube directly in a location and stretching machine head flush, so you don't have to push and pull on the belt precision aluminum tube, to make aluminum and stretching machine jaw alignment. So can reduce the probability of profile was scratched.

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