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How Big Is Seamless Aluminum Pipe Under Pressure
Apr 20, 2017

Using 2024 air conditioning refrigerant seamless aluminum tube, 30 kg pressure under no problem; Using R410a refrigerant air conditioning aluminum tube, 44 kg pressure under no problem. Try to pressure is not too big. It is dangerous to too large.

A seamless aluminum tube, it is better than have a seam aluminium tube confined, seamless aluminum tube was homogeneous texture, welded pipe can have a small amount of loss in weld part of the chemical composition, mechanical performance is a bit poor and seamless tube, but not vary widely.

Two, if it is bent help recommend the use of seamless pipe, welded pipe is easy craze, bending radius is larger then also no problem, it is because the high frequency welded pipe, although there is a weld joint, but it is a composite aluminum tube, it is composed of more than 2 aluminum alloy material, usually it brazing layer for the surface layer.

Method of seamless steel tube under pressure calculation formula:

A: to know diameter specifications wall thickness can withstand the pressure calculating method (steel pipe different material tensile strength) :

Pressure = (thickness * 2 * steel pipe material tensile strength) / * coefficient (diameter)

2: to know outer diameter and wall thickness calculation method: under pressure

Wall thickness = (* * diameter pressure coefficient)/(2 * steel pipe material tensile strength)

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