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Heat Treatment Technology Of Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Aug 28, 2017

Heat treatment technology of aviation aluminum alloy

With the rapid development of communication technology, Aluminum Alloy characterized by light weight, high strength, easy processing, can be widely used in aviation materials, the effective application of Aluminum Alloy to reduce the structural weight of the aircraft, improve flight performance and increase the economic benefit, so the air Aluminum Alloy technology has also been more attention, the small Xiaobian take you to understand the air Aluminum Alloy heat treatment technology:

The air circulation furnace instead of nitrate furnace Aluminum Alloy heat treatment

The traditional heat treatment using nitrate furnace heating, there are serious environmental pollution, energy consumption and waste too much, and the air circulation furnace has the advantages of quick starting, good effect of energy saving advantages, and fast quenching transferring time can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of Aluminum Alloy parts. After the air circulation furnace is heated, solid solution quenching is not polluting to the cooling medium, which is beneficial to popularize the use of organic quenching medium, reduce the distortion of heat treatment and improve the production efficiency.

The key technology of the air circulation furnace is how to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature (+ 3 ~ 5 +), especially the requirements of large size furnace, and how to meet the requirements of the uniformity of furnace temperature at lower temperature (100~150 DEG C). The second key technique is how to ensure rapid quenching transfer time, and can be adjusted and controlled according to different parts.

Organic quenching medium

Aluminum Alloy quenching medium is commonly used in water or hot water, but for the heat treatment of large deformation or deformation of the strict requirement, hot water can not meet the requirements, must use organic quenching medium water solution. The use of organic quenching medium instead of water in the air circulation furnace reduces the heat treatment deformation of aluminum alloy and the correction time of sheet metal parts more than 50%.

Conductivity measurement

Aluminum alloy material has been used for tensile test or hardness test to detect the heat treatment quality of aluminum alloy since it was used in aircraft manufacture. Since the aluminum alloy is treated at a strength (hardness) value, there may be two different states, whereas, in one state, there may be two different strength (hardness) values. Therefore, it is a backward test method to control the quality of aluminum alloy after heat treatment only by hardness or strength. It can not completely guarantee the quality.

Conductivity detection has the advantages of convenience, efficiency, high efficiency, and it is not limited by the shape and weight of the sample, and has no damage to the parts. Since 80s, conductivity detection has been widely used in the inspection of heat treatment status of aluminum alloy materials / parts. In the GB / T12966 - 1991 "aluminum alloy conductivity eddy current test method" standard, the test method is given, GJB2894 l997, "aluminum alloy electrical conductivity and hardness requirements", defined the electrical conductivity and hardness requirements.

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