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Classification Of Precision Aluminum Tubes
Feb 12, 2019

One kind of aluminium tube has high precision, generally within (+0.05). Precision aluminium pipes can be divided into cold drawn aluminium pipes, rolled aluminium pipes and welded pipes. Among them, cold-drawn aluminium tube has the highest accuracy, the best surface quality and the best mechanical properties.


1 cold-drawn aluminium tube: extruded aluminium tube is used as raw material to roll aluminium tube. The processing method of aluminium tube: high accuracy, smooth internal and external surface, mechanical properties of the three best. Therefore, it is widely used in all walks of life. In Japan, due to the wider use of product technology, even ordinary civilian products are required to manufacture cold-drawn aluminium tubes. Such as box pull rod, film tripod, heating plate of electric heating equipment.


In modern industry, many products must use cold-drawn aluminium tubes, such as oil pipeline of automobile, aerospace, laser fax, photosensitive drum in printer, aluminium tubes used in magnetic roll, etc. For precision turning parts, in order to reduce turning margin and improve the yield, cold-drawn aluminium tubes have also attracted much attention and use.


Cold-drawn aluminium tubes are the most widely used of the three.


2 Welded pipe, using raw material for rolling aluminium strip is generally suitable for thin wall of aluminium pipe, and other processing methods of special hard aluminium alloy or superhard aluminium alloy are difficult to carry out. However, with the development of modern industrial technology, the application of welded pipe in China has been less and less, but the processing method has high mechanization degree and production efficiency, but because of the mechanical properties of the aluminium pipe itself. Defects, and the inner surface is not smooth, the accuracy is not too high, so the use is constrained.


For aluminium sheet, the thickness of aluminium coil has stricter requirements, fine pattern requirements, belonging to a relatively small or thin type of aluminium tube, generally used in pen tube, jewelry bracket and other small items, the following to a factory aluminium tube specifications as an example:


Aluminum pipe material 1050/1060/3003/5052/2011/2024/2A12/3A21/6061, 6063/6068/7075/LY12


3. Rolled aluminium tube can not be called precise aluminium tube strictly, because the internal and external surface condition of rolled aluminium tube is not ideal, so the size deviation is relatively large. But rolling aluminium tube has good mechanical properties because its production mode is three-way compression deformation, and rolling aluminium tube is generally only used as the pre-process of cold drawing and fine drawing.

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