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Aluminum Pipe Pickled For Rust Protection
Nov 12, 2018

Can aluminum pipes be pickled to prevent rust? What's the effect?

As we all know, pickling of aluminium tubes can play an anti-rust role, but in the process of pickling, what factors will affect the anti-rust effect of aluminium tubes? Now let's take a look at some factors that affect the rust preventive effect.

In the process of extrusion and transportation, the surface of aluminium tubes will be corroded. In this way, oxide and aluminium tubes can form primary batteries, which further promote the corrosion of aluminium tubes and quickly destroy the coating. Therefore, it must be removed before painting. Aluminum tube is usually used for rust removal by acid washing, which will not deform the tube. The rust in every corner can be cleaned up. The speed of rust removal is fast and the cost is relatively low.

The effects of antirust include free acidity, temperature, time and pollution aging. Free acidity is low, anti-rust effect is poor, free acidity is high, acid mist content in the working environment is large, not environmentally friendly, will cause pollution. Generally, the temperature of pickling is carried out at room temperature. When pickling is heated, the temperature is controlled between 40 ~70 C. Excessive temperature will affect the workpiece and equipment, and the time of pickling is as short as possible. In the process of pickling, oil or other impurities will be continuously brought into the tank. When the soluble iron ion exceeds a certain content, the effect of rust removal will not only be greatly reduced, but also excessive iron ions will be mixed into the phosphating tank with the residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece, accelerating the pollution aging of the phosphating tank liquid, so the acid pickling liquid should control iron ions. Content.

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