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Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub Has Many Advantages Over Steel Wheel Hub:
Nov 27, 2017


Aluminum alloy wheel hub has many advantages over steel wheel hub:

Heat dissipation: heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy is 3 times larger than that of steel. In the process of moving car tire and ground friction and brake disc and brake pads will produce high heat, this situation will lead to tyre aging and accelerated wear, the brake performance due to high temperature and rapid attenuation, the tyre pressure also increases the risks existing tire. Compared with steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels can transfer the heat to the air more quickly and increase the safety factor.

Two, weight: Aluminum Alloy wheel less than steel wheels, the average ratio of the same size steel wheel weight two kilograms, remove the spare wheel total weight eight kg; lighter wheels can reduce the start-up and acceleration of the resistance, both of them make more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Three, high precision: aluminum alloy wheel casting precision is much higher than steel wheel hub, out of roundness and unbalanced weight is smaller; in addition, aluminum alloy elastic modulus is small, anti vibration performance is better than steel wheel hub. These two can effectively reduce vehicle vibration, driving more comfortable.

Four, more beautiful: aluminum alloy in high temperature liquid state of liquidity and tension is better than steel wheel, late polishing and electroplating process can make more beautiful appearance, surface corrosion resistance and electrostatic powder coating also make it as long as new.

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