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A Long Day Trip - Ten Sword Aerospace SWA
Aug 28, 2017

A long day trip - ten sword Aerospace SWA

In recent years, China has made a series of major breakthroughs and progress in the field of aerospace technology. Behind these brilliant achievements, cannot do without a large number of research workers unknown to the public's hard work, Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SWA") "one of the 7050 pre stretched plate is one of the development team. Over the years, they shoulder the national mission, don't forget the heart, temper forward, deliver the goods, leaving a dazzling brilliance in the history of the development of China's aerospace industry.

Hard start: the first block ingot was born

7050 are the third generation of 7xxx alloy, high strength and high toughness, Aluminum Alloy, has excellent comprehensive performance, so far all the commercial aviation aluminum alloy was the largest and most widely used varieties, making the pre stretching plate products are widely used in civil aircraft Yu Jun spars, ribs, fuselage frame and wall etc. The key force bearing component.

As early as 1980s, in the United States, Europe and other developed countries, 7050 Alloy Plate / super thick plate has formed many technical standards and patents, but a large number of control points of key process parameters, control principle was not disclosed, the manufacturing technology of the enterprises in developed countries has always been regarded as the core technology of foreign secret strict blockade. The "fifteen" period, the domestic has not yet mastered the related manufacturing technology, led plate, 7050 Alloy Plate Products in our country is completely dependent on imports, seriously restrict the development of the domestic advanced aircraft, helicopters, aircraft and so on key model machine.

In fact, as early as more than 10 years ago, has already begun to research SWA 7050 alloy. Later in the development of large aircraft and military special national key special project relevant support, SWA was formally established research team 7050 Aluminum Alloy pre stretched plate engineering, began a systematic research on the 7050 Alloy Plate industrial preparation technology." The team leader Zhou Hua introduced.

According to Zhou Hua recalled, the initial development of the project, due to the implementation of technical blockade abroad, research and development is entirely from scratch. There is no ready-made process technology reference, without expert guidance, everything depends on their own practice in exploration. Lots of foreign materials piled up on the desk, reading down is not easy, but also occasionally encountered rare foreign language vocabulary. The members holding foreign language dictionary, read and check, avidly bite after another, just put a thick stack of papers chewed digestion, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for the following work.

At that time, because the casting factory equipment and tooling is relatively backward, the first "stumbling block" project team encountered is 7050 large size ingot molding difficult problem. "We are on the production site, starting with the casting, every second of the heart mentioned in the throat. If heard 'Bang' sound, you know everyone's heart ingot cracking, instantly cool to the freezing point!" Team member Shi Guishan recalls.

For a time, the ingot cracked frequently and, at most, poured tons of cracking ingot into the casting plant. Facing this long time not to attack the difficult question, everybody looks in the eye, anxious in the heart. While depressing anxiety, and constantly adjust the process parameters, to improve the casting tooling. After repeated trial and error practice, after hundreds of failures, it finally broke the "Curse" of ingot cracking, and the first shape ingot was finally born in December 2005.

Accumulate steadily: overcome a series of technical difficulties

Science and technology are the foundation of national prosperity, and innovation is the soul of national progress. Over the years, the development of science and technology innovation with the banner of SWA, so that innovation has become the enterprise development endogenous power.

In the face of foreign counterparts blockade, back in the shoulder so road and tackling difficult burden, for today the achievements, the team leader Zhou Hua said: "the team encountered many setbacks in the development process, but all survived. Scientists are always afraid of setbacks, no matter how difficult they are trying to solve, it is worth mentioning that in the face of difficulties of team spirit, accompany us along the way, we make a scientific research innovation."

"7050 pre stretched plate development" team since its inception, aiming at the most advanced technology in the world, and constantly tackle key issues, breakthroughs, benchmarking world-class. Around 7050 manufacturing alloy pre stretched plate industrialization, the team members of the field in the 7050 Alloy Casting and rolling, solid solution, aging and other projects to carry out independent innovation research and development work, made a series of remarkable achievements.

Restricted by objective conditions, many difficulties are unavoidable. To overcome this difficulty in casting molding, in order to solve the contradiction between supporting tooling and production equipment does not match, the team members in the continuous optimization of the process parameters at the same time, combined with the actual production of existing tooling upgrading, innovation and development of a low level of weak cold automatic casting technology, 7050 ingot by specifications the thickness of 400mm the initial upgrade to 500mm, 600mm. In the early development of 7050 super thick strong toughness matching, narrow process window, the backbone of the team members Zhang Zongquan long around the front line, rolling and heat treatment process of repeated research, put forward a strong rolling process to improve the super thick core structure, 10 years a step a step, the plate thickness increased from 7050 over the initial 80mm to the current 203mm.

Through more than 10 years of special research, the "7050 pre stretched plate development" team has broken through the large size ingot preparation, strong deformation rolling, strengthening and Toughening Heat Treatment and

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