What impact will the launch of the fuel vehicle exit schedule bring to the aluminum industry?
Sep 19, 2017

What impact will the launch of the fuel vehicle exit schedule bring to the aluminum industry?

With the global environmental policy increasingly stringent, and many European countries put forward a stop sales plan for fuel vehicles, the development of the automotive industry has faced enormous challenges. In September 9th, the International Automobile Industry Development Forum Chinese, Ministry official said, China has started the research of traditional fuel vehicles exit timetable, while concern "double integral" policy will soon release. News came out, causing great repercussions in society and the industry.

To auto industry, this initiative ministry really caused a great impact on China's car industry, but it will undoubtedly promote the automobile industry in our country and promote the transformation and development of laws and regulations of the landing vehicle emissions. As everyone knows, if retired fuel car market, new energy vehicles will become the mainstream of society, in the face of high load and stringent energy-saving emission reduction, so that the new energy vehicles "downsizing" has become the major enterprises and the main development direction and focus. Therefore, "aluminum instead of steel" is in China's policy guidance and industrial restructuring and development quietly sweeping the automotive industry, aluminum and aluminum deep-processing industry "window period" has arrived.

Policy together and industry change has become inevitable

The day before, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xin Guobin in the 2017 China Automotive Industry Development International Forum (TEDA) pointed out that, at present a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution intensified, the automobile industry competition pattern and ecological reconstruction of face. The development of China's automobile industry is in climbing Maikan period, the whole industry to join hands, seize opportunities, meet challenges, and promote China's transformation of the automotive power to a vehicle power. He stressed the need to improve industry management, optimize the development environment, the introduction of "double points" management measures, and vigorously develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles.

He also said: "some countries have developed to stop the production and sales of traditional energy vehicles schedule, the Ministry also launched a related study, also will work with relevant departments to formulate our schedule, profound changes in these measures will promote the development of China's automobile industry environment and power generation."

Xin Guobin said the "dual integration" management approach, namely the corporate average fuel consumption of passenger cars and new energy vehicles management integration parallel before the Ministry issued "(Draft)", the management measures proposed annual production or import more than 50 thousand vehicles in China automobile enterprises, new energy production or a certain proportion of imported passenger cars, and car prices in 2018 -- 2020, the integral proportion of new energy vehicles to reach 8%, 10%, 12%.

At the same time, in April this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology jointly issued the "automobile industry long-term development plan" plan, clearly pointed out that the current technology and automobile industry, a new generation of information and communication, new energy and new materials to accelerate the integration of the profound changes of industrial ecology, comprehensive competition remodeling of China's automobile industry transformation and upgrading, from large to strong strategic opportunities. The plan also proposed to improve the utilization rate of automobile energy saving and environmental protection level and the recovery and development of materials and manufacturing equipment requirements of advanced vehicle, stressed the need to intensify efforts to promote the application of new energy vehicles, by 2020, the new energy automotive sales reached 2 million vehicles, power battery monomer ratio energy reached more than 300 WH / kg, and strive to achieve 350 WH / kg.

Frequent introduction of relevant policies, the new energy automotive industry is doubly concerned, and how to promote the automotive industry to accelerate change, aluminum has a greater scope. Because the weight of aluminum is only 1/3 of steel, the industrial scale and the deep processing industry are mature, which provides an attractive direction for the automobile enterprises which need to reduce the weight and reduce the emission of automobiles.

Lightweight aluminum is an inevitable choice for automobiles

At present, due to the needs of energy saving, environmental protection and the development of new energy vehicles, automotive light weight has become an upsurge of the world automotive industry, and the fueling of materials is one of the important ways to realize the lightweight of automobiles. According to the "automobile industry long-term development plan", to 2020, the consumption of new car average fuel in China, passenger cars will be reduced to 5 L / 100 km, fuel-efficient vehicle fuel consumption will be reduced to 4.5 L / 100 km, commercial vehicle will be close to the international advanced level; at the same time, the implementation of the country six new energy vehicle emission standards, energy consumption has reached the international advanced level, the car Recyclable utilization rate reached 95%.

Aluminum has mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity, and light weight, good ductility, mechanical processing performance is 4.5 times higher than iron, the surface of the oxide film formed naturally also has good corrosion resistance, in the process for automobile body materials, can make the automobile body weight reduced, running more stable and comfortable in. The sudden collision, the energy absorption of aluminum can reduce the impact force, the passengers at the same time, aluminium is easy to recycle, conventional materials used in the industry, the aluminum recovery rate is relatively high.

Held in Chongqing on the 2017 Chinese automobile new material innovation interactive forum, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association Division Jianhua pointed out that in the background of automobile technological revolution and the industrial revolution, the rapid development of the automobile industry cannot do without the strong support of material industry, and vigorously develop new energy vehicles and lightweight technology has become the inevitable choice the automotive industry, accelerate the development of the application of new materials is the basic realization of lightweight of automobile. At the same time, the product development chief engineer of Changan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd. Daqing Guo also said: "Aluminum Alloy is currently the first choice of automotive materials, can replace steel, properties and properties of Aluminum Alloy determines that it is easily accessible and steel.

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