The surface of the straight tube processing
Apr 20, 2017

To coating in rush bum thin anchor lines; At the same time, because the anchor lines too deep, in the process of anticorrosion coating is easy to form bubbles, serious impact on the performance of anticorrosive coating. Finish is too small will cause coating adhesion and resistance to impact strength decreased. For severe pitting inside of, can not only rely on large particles of natural abrasive high degree of impact, also must be polished away by small particles corrosion products to achieve complete finishing effect, aluminum tube at the same time, reasonable ratio of preset pipe and nozzle can reduce more than natural abrasive abrasion (blade), and can greatly increase the utilization rate of natural abrasive. In general, the particle size of steel shot 0.8 ~ 1.3 mm, steel grit size is 0.4 ~ 1.0 mm, it main ingredients for 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm. Sand pill than normal for five to eight.

Should pay attention to in practice, steel shot and steel grit in natural abrasive ratio is very difficult to achieve the ideal, is comprised of hard and brittle than steel grit steel shot and broken rate is high. Therefore, in the operation should be continuous sampling test of the mixture of natural abrasive, depending on size spread things, to adding new natural abrasive cleaning machine, and mixing of new natural abrasive, the number of steel shot to account for the main.

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