Stainless steel pipe and copper pipe main performance comparison
Apr 20, 2017

1) thin-walled stainless steel tube of so-called "hercules", in 304 commonly used material thin-walled stainless steel tube as an example, the tensile strength of 530 ~ 750 mpa, 2 times that of galvanized pipe, copper tube three times, PPR 8-10 times; Elongation is more than 35%. Therefore, thin-walled stainless steel tube compared with copper pipe can reduce the requirement of the thin wall thickness, and compliance with the national industrial policy, saving material and energy saving and intensity, and can achieve reduce the structure of the bearing.

(2) thermal conductivity of the thin wall stainless steel pipe for 15 W/m ℃ (100 ℃), is a quarter of the carbon steel pipe, copper pipe of 1/23. Thin-walled stainless steel tubes due to heat preservation performance is good, special apply to hot water, whether the thickness of the insulation layer, or heat insulation construction, maintenance, etc., of the thin-wall stainless steel tube has a good economy.

(3) thin-walled stainless steel tube of the average thermal expansion coefficient of 0.017 mm/(m ℃), and copper pipe is close to, and the pipe is 1.5 times that of thin-wall stainless pipe plastic pipe is a thin-walled stainless steel tube 5-11 times. In view of the weakness of plastic pipe thermal expansion coefficient is too large, delivery should be in hot water tube is advisable. Table 1 below is the physical features of the thin-wall stainless steel tube and copper tube.

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