Seamless aluminum tube on the general characteristics and processing aluminum process is introduced
Apr 20, 2017

General industrial aluminium profile: mainly used in industrial production, such as skeleton of automation machinery and equipment, sealing cover and companies according to their own custom mould machinery and equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belt, lifting machine, glue machine, testing equipment, shelves, etc., and mostly in the clean room use electronic machinery industry the main process for:

A, surface pretreatment: using the method of chemistry or physics was carried out on the material surface cleaning, naked, pure matrix for obtain complete, the density of artificial oxide film. You can also get a mirror or by mechanical means no light (matte) surface.

Second, anodic oxidation, the surface pretreatment of profiles, under certain technological conditions, substrate surface anodic oxidation, generate a layer of dense, porous, strong adsorbability AL203 film layer.

Three, hole sealing: oxide film is colorless, transparent, oxide film before using hole sealing strong adsorption, in some metal salts adsorption sedimentation of film hole, can make the profiles look outside show ecru (silver) many colors, such as: black, bronze, golden color and stainless steel, etc. Will be generated after anodic oxidation membrane pore sealing of porous oxide film, the oxide film pollution prevention, corrosion resistance and wear resistance increased.

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