Production of Precision Aluminum Tube and Its Relation with Waste
Feb 12, 2019

Because of the high added value of precise aluminium tube, aluminium tube extrusion manufacturers should make every effort to reduce the defects of precise aluminium tube. Non-extrusion cycle time-Assuming that the production efficiency of precision aluminium tube extruder is 30 aluminium bars per hour and 10 seconds saved in each non-extrusion cycle, the extrusion time can be increased by 2 hours per day. Two hours means more than 8% output, which is equivalent to 8% reduction in conversion cost per kilogram profile. Outage time (interruption of operation) - The loss caused by downtime is huge (in our example, the loss of downtime is 48.00 yuan per minute), not to mention the loss of output during downtime. Extrusion Speed - The production efficiency brought about by the high-tech precision extrusion die for aluminium tube purchased from abroad should be seriously considered. If the purchased precision aluminium tube die can achieve faster extrusion speed than the die manufactured by the extrusion manufacturer itself, then a moderate order can compensate for the extra cost of purchasing the die.

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