Outdoor Tent Poles Camping Tent Tube
Jun 29, 2017

All of our tent poles are produced by aviation aluminum material with high strength.


Actually,aluminum is a lightweight metal which has a strong ratio of weight to strength, which can be used in many manufacturing processes from the after-sale market of automobiles to the construction of backpacks. For effective use, builders need to be able to bend the poles. Professionals using aluminum have special bent drills, but do-it-yourself enthusiasts or hobbyists need a cheaper option. Annealing aluminum includes heating of the metal, reducing its intensity in the heating part to make it bend. While the aluminum bar has lost some power in the process, it is still sufficient for most purposes.


Most of our customers choose 7000 series material not 6000 series.


Here are abvious comparison between 7000 series and 6000 series.

Mechanical Property of Seamless Aluminum Tube.jpg

Outdoor camping tent tube will be more durable if the material are used 7000 series material.

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