Method for extracting aluminium
Jul 18, 2017

In the production process, there are four links to form a complete industrial chain: aluminum ore mining - alumina production - electrolytic aluminum smelting - aluminum processing production.

The only way to industrial production of primary aluminum is currently Holzer Herou aluminum electrolysis. Invented by Holzer in the United States and France's eiru in 1886. Holzer Herou aluminum electrolysis is in cryolite alumina as raw materials, (Na3AlF6) as the electrolyte flux, by electrolysis method at 950 - 970 DEG C under the condition of the electrolyte in molten aluminum and oxygen is decomposed into alumina, aluminum in carbon cathode in liquid phase precipitation of oxygen in carbon anode in the form of escape carbon dioxide gas.


The industrial aluminum electrobath can be divided into three types: side inserted anode self baking tank, upper inserted anode self baking tank and prebaked anode trough. Self baking cell technology is being phased out because of the high power consumption and environmental protection in the process of electrolysis.

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