Customization of Aluminum Sheet Processing
Feb 22, 2019

Analysis of Production Procedure for Customization of Aluminum Plate Processing


Aluminum sheet industry in life is more, but we are still relatively unfamiliar with its production process, the next edition of a simple introduction for you! For the production of aluminium sheet and the steps and methods of making aluminium sheet, please see the following article!


1. Aluminum and aluminium alloy sheets and strips are supplied in hot rolling, annealing, various grades of soft and various heat treatment conditions.


2. Preparing before hot rolling: mainly including ingot quality inspection, soaking, sawing, milling, aluminium cladding and heating, etc.


3. In semi-continuous casting, the cooling rate is very high, the diffusion process in solid phase is difficult, and the chemical composition and structure of ingot are uneven, such as intragranular segregation, which reduces the plasticity.


4. When there are defects such as segregation float, slag inclusion, scarring and crack on the surface of ingot, milling surface (see milling surface of non-ferrous metal alloy ingot) should be carried out, which is an important factor to ensure good surface quality of finished products.


5. Hot rolling: Hot rolling of aluminium alloy ingots is to provide blanks for cold rolling or directly produce hot-rolled thick plates.


6. Hot rolling process includes pass reduction rate, rolling temperature, rolling speed, lubrication and cooling, etc.


Whether it is aluminium sheet or aluminium alloy material, the most important process is surface treatment. Today, we will introduce the current mainstream surface treatment technology of aluminium sheet.


One: Electrophoretic paint. After such treatment, the surface of the material presents a smooth surface, and the corrosion resistance will be greatly enhanced.


2. Powder electrostatic spraying. This process is characterized by enhancing the corrosion resistance of aluminium sheets, and for some acid-base salts, the use of aluminium sheets is superior to that of oxide-colored profiles.

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