Cracks on the surface of aluminum tube
Apr 20, 2017

When we use aluminum tube quality, will find a lot of material on the surface of the longitudinal fish Lin partition between repetitive lines, serious disconnect separation shaped directly. These cracks will seriously affect the performance of aluminum and lead to the cause of the defects and the related measures, Jiang Xiang aluminium tube co., LTD., to explain for you.

Aluminum tube surface crack causes:

(a) : aluminum tube extrusion coefficient is too large, extrusion temperature) (bar, tube, die three temperature, extrusion speed too fast again.

(2) : extrusion instability, high and low, or multiple speed regulating speed difference between apparent, shift the fast conversion processes.

(3) : aluminum profile extrusion press (ram) on the head end too fast, the end run fast or slow, dead zone of aluminum infiltration.

(4) : good quality is poorer, burnt inside bar, big grain, loose. Pressure more than thin aluminum (V3).

(5) : extrusion die velocity than a serious imbalance between design and manufacturing is not reasonable.

Aluminum tube surface crack measures:

(a) : extrusion profiles can be placed in small machine production coefficient is too large, use appropriate extrusion ratio; Three temperature and extrusion must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of production process control, to adopt proper extrusion speed.

(2) : operator concentration, smooth speed adjustment, pressure not higher or lower, shift when the manual operation.

(3) : aluminum tube stop printing front-end and back-end is dead zone volume or V3 aluminum (aluminum rods surface), impurities, poor quality, viscosity is not enough, so the profile extrusion head end speed will slow down.

(4) : aluminum rods to surface clean without oil, the internal organization to amount to mark. Pressure than normal retention (5%)

(5) : extrusion die designers to design and manufacture of uniform velocity of qualified mold.

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