China gold group the whole process of cost control and management effect previews
Aug 14, 2017

China gold group "the whole process of cost control and management effect previews

In the first half of this year, the total profit of China Gold Group Co was 490 million yuan, 2.13 times the same period of the same period of last year, when the operating income was reduced by 4 billion 602 million yuan over the same period of last year. In the first half of the meeting, the company revealed that the "whole process cost control +" management implementation, China's gold has initially formed a new pattern of quality and efficiency of enterprise development.

Earlier this year, China Gold Group Co launched the "whole process cost control + scientific and technological progress + reform and innovation" of the general idea, with scientific and technological progress and reform and innovation, the whole process of cost control injected strong power. According to this train of thought, the establishment of the group level of geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting equipment, energy, financial management and human resources management 7 special working group, to further optimize the indicators, for an enterprise to conduct a special inspection, received remarkable results.

According to statistics, the first half of the company production mining loss rate of 9.91%, down 0.14 percentage points; the ore dilution rate of 17.63%, 0.23 percentage points year-on-year decline; smelting recovery rate of 86.97%, an increase of 0.33 percentage points; the equipment operation rate of 89.75%, an increase of 0.24 percentage points, to achieve a total efficiency of 69 million yuan.

In addition, great breakthroughs have been made in the scientific and technological innovation of the group, and the contribution rate of science and technology to the improvement of the profitability of enterprises has been continuously improved. Among them, the independent research and development of CG505 series of extraction reagents and techniques successfully used in industry in Liaoning Paishanlou, replace all slime cyanidation process and other work is in order to promote the flotation process to replace cyanide free or low cyanide medicine pharmacy, HD, Guizhou Jinfeng company bio oxidation projects to improve the leaching rate of 1.1 percentage points and achievements, contribution to the enterprise the proportion of profit is gradually improving.

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