China Aluminum: 24 enterprises will be carried out inspections,look back
Aug 15, 2017

China Aluminum: 24 enterprises will be carried out inspections, "look back.""

Recently, the deputy head of the aluminum company of Party members, the discipline inspection team leader, inspection work leading group Zhao Zhao presided over a special study, the organization of the company 10 of all members of the inspection team and inspection office, discipline inspection and supervision department of cadres to study the newly revised "China inspect the work of the Communist Party".

The meeting pointed out that the inspection teams should learn from the "Regulations", further unify their thinking, enhance understanding, grasp the political orientation of inspection. Adhere to the problem oriented, in-depth discovery of the existing problems of enterprises, so that political and business combination, both to avoid business, talk about politics, but also to avoid separation from politics, business. Through in-depth political inspection, to help enterprises serious party political life, political ecology purify target, and play a deterrent patrol to curb radical action, do the party "microscope" and "searchlight".

The next step, the company inspection group will be the new "Regulations" as a guide, conscientiously implement the spirit of the central document, inspection "look back" on the 24 enterprises, 14 enterprises and deeply, to carry out targeted mobile patrol, continue to do a good job of overseas enterprises and mining enterprises to verify the inspection work, identify problems found the deep reason, the successful completion of this year's inspection tasks, provide a strong guarantee for the company's annual target of decisive victory. (Aluminium Corp Party discipline inspection group, discipline inspection and supervision department)

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