Aviation grade aluminum
Jul 18, 2017

The main features of aluminum profiles for aerospace are: large scale and integration, thin wall and light weight, sectional size and shape, public precision, uniformity and high quality of tissue properties. Aerospace Aluminum mainly has: the whole wall with rib, I-girder, spar, comb profile, hollow beam profile, mainly used in aircraft, spacecraft and other aerospace aircraft force structure and helicopter rotor parts shaped hollow beams and runways.

With the progress of science and technology for aerospace aluminum is for the development of large-scale, integrated, thin, flat and wide size high accuracy, shape complexity. Aerospace aluminum is widely used in modern aircraft structure, using 1500 ~ 2000 kinds of aluminum castings, according to different use conditions and parts of aerospace aluminum mainly uses 3 kinds of basic Aluminum Alloy: high strength Aluminum Alloy, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy Aluminum Alloy. High strength aluminum alloy is mainly used for aircraft fuselage parts, engine room, seats, control systems and so on. Heat resistant aluminum alloy parts are mainly used for engine room, air exchange system and so on. Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy has high enough performance index, its strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue and weldability are very good, and more importantly, it has corrosion resistance, so that it can be used in water aircraft.

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