Aluminum tube cleaning solution
Apr 20, 2017

Aluminium tube surface after various processing residues of forming oil, cutting oil, such as all kinds of dirt, influence on the surface of the aluminum is beautiful and for the processing of a process after a huge trouble. So in aluminum before a sale or into a process after processing must be a large number of cleaning, to ensure that the surface is clean. As used in the cleaning process is a water-based cleaning agent, so the cleaning after the object surface with plenty of water, shall be of the washing dry processing, to prevent its chemical corrosion due to the water surface or affect the processing of next procedure.

Cleaning situation analysis

1, to clean materials for aluminum pipe, one end closed, one end of the exposure, the cleaning process

Cleaning fluid, etc are not permitted to enter the tube, so must let the pipe with a dip in the process of cleaning, prevent cleaning fluid flows.

2, clean for a long pipeline, and the great amount of cleaning, not suitable for using artificial to wipe clean. As there is no difficult to cleaning object is the shape of the cylindrical and cleaning dead Angle, aperture, and cleaning the surface for a large number of oil pollution, belong to the dirt from the surface more easily, so the recommended drum rotating transmission type cleaning equipment.

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