Aluminum extrusion process
Jul 25, 2017

Aluminum cold extrusion principle: under normal temperature, according to the principle of plastic deformation, the die installed in the press on, by applying pressure to the punch into the concave mold aluminum blank, the blank at a certain speed to produce plastic deformation and to obtain a desired shape, size and mechanical properties of parts. 

It is the aluminum extrusion aluminum ingot into the extrusion cylinder, by applying pressure on the aluminum extrusion shaft, the extrusion die hole from a given shape and size, a processing method of plastic deformation, extrusion products required by the. According to the direction of metal flow in extrusion, extrusion can be divided into forward extrusion, reverse extrusion and combined extrusion. In the forward extrusion, the movement direction of the extrusion shaft is the same as that of the extrusion metal, while in the reverse extrusion the direction of the extrusion shaft is opposite to the direction of the extrusion metal. According to the heating temperature of the billet, the extrusion can be divided into hot extrusion and cold extrusion. In hot extrusion, the billet is heated to the recrystallization temperature for extrusion. The cold extrusion is extruded at room temperature.

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