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2219 aluminum alloy forgings


2219 aluminum alloy is a high strength alloy with good machinability and good mechanical properties. 2219 is useful in the temperature range of -452°F to 600°F, easy to weld and has good fracture toughness. Under T8 conditions, it is resistant to stress corrosion cracking.

Aluminum 2219 is commonly used in a range of aerospace applications such as high temperature structural applications including space boosters and fuel tanks.

Technical Data 

1.2219 Chemical Composition Limit

Weight% of 2219 Alloy

Al        Si                Fe            Cu            Mn            Mg             Zn                Ti               Others                        V               Zn

RE  0.20 max  0.30 max  5.80-6.80  0.20-0.40  0.02 max   0.10 max  0.02-0.10   0.05each/ 0.15total      0.05-0.15    0.10-0.25

2.2219 Aluminum Alloy Specifications & Temper

 F 01 0 T4 T6 T852
 AMS-QQ-A-367 Up to 4" Up to 4" Up to 4"Up to 4" 
 Up to 4"Up to 4" 
 AMS-A-22771Up to 4" 
 Up to 4" Up to 4" Up to 4" Up to 4" Up to 4"
Up to 4" 
Up to 4" 
 Up to 4"Up to 4" 
Up to 4" 
Up to 8" 
 AMS 4143 

Up to 4" 

 AMS 4144 

 Up to 17"

We offer 2024 aluminum alloy hand forged alloys, T4, T6 and T852 specifications up to 4", 8" and 17". Our first goal is to provide you with the best aluminum products for aviation, aerospace and/or any size of yours Requirements, our highest customer service and quick quotation conversion lead us to lead in the production of AMS-QQ-A-367, AMS-A-22771, BMS7-186, AMS 4143 and AMS 4144 cutting, including more specifications F, 01 and 0 meet your needs.Welcome to contact us for free quick quotes for all alloys.

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