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    • 6061 Aluminum

      Contact Now6061 Aluminum6061 ALUMINUM southwest aluminum 1.product details photos of 6061 aluminum 2.introduction and application of 6061 aluminum 6061 aluminum alloy Is 6061 aluminum alloy after heat treatment the pre-tension technology production of high quality aluminum alloy products, its strength is not compared...Read More

    • Aluminum Alloy Forging Plate

      Contact NowAluminum Alloy Forging PlateALUMINUM ALLOY FORGING PLATE Aluminum forging plate applications Plate is used in heavy-duty applications such as those found in the aerospace, military and transportation product manufacturing. Aluminum plate, machined to shape, forms the skins of jets and spacecraft fuel tanks. It is used for...Read More

    • High Strength Outdoor Tent Pole Seamless Aluminum Alloy Tube

      Contact NowHigh Strength Outdoor Tent Pole Seamless Aluminum Alloy TubeMain Advantages:
      1.They are environmental protection material by European Union
      2.High quality and fast delivery are guaranteed.
      3.They are durable,ultralight and portable.
      Read More

    • 2024 Extruded Aluminum Tubing

      Contact Now2024 Extruded Aluminum Tubing2024 aluminum alloy is a kind of high-strength hard-aluminum, heat treatment can be strengthened in the quenched and just quenched state medium plastic, good spot welding, with gas welding tend to form intergranular cracks, the alloy hardened and cold hardened Machinability is good, low machinability after annealing: corrosion resistance is not high, often using anodizing and painting methods or coated aluminum surface to increase its anti-corrosion abilityRead More

    • 1000 Series 1050 or 1060 3 Inch Seamless Aluminum Tube for Welding Parts

      Contact Now1000 Series 1050 or 1060 3 Inch Seamless Aluminum Tube for Welding PartsRead More

    • 5754 Aluminum Plate

      Contact Now5754 Aluminum Plate5052 aluminum plate 1.Product introduction 5052 aluminum plate is mainly used for high requirements of plasticity and good weldability,but also used in traffic vehicles,ships sheet metal parts,instruments,street lamps,brackets and rivets,hardware,electrical appliances,such as shell,also used in...Read More

    • CNC Aluminum Parts of Airplane Seat Handrails

      Contact NowCNC Aluminum Parts of Airplane Seat HandrailsCNC ALUMINUM PARTS OF AIRPLANE SEAT HANDRAILS CNC Machining (CNC) CNC Machining is used for Machining of nc Machining tools. CNC index control machine is controlled by nc processing language, usually G code. Nc machining G code language told CNC machine tool USES the cartesian coordinates, and...Read More

    • 6061 T6 Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

      Contact Now6061 T6 Aluminum Rectangular Tubing6061 t6 aluminum rectangular tubing used primarily for architectural applicationsRead More

    • 7050 Aluminum Alloy Plane Forgings

      Contact Now7050 Aluminum Alloy Plane ForgingsAluminium 7050 plate is available in two tempers. T7651 (AMS 4201) combines the highest strength with good exfoliation corrosion resistance and average SCC resistance.Read More

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