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    • 2024 Aluminum square bar

      Contact Now2024 Aluminum square barRead More

    • Extruded Aluminum Metal Bar

      Contact NowExtruded Aluminum Metal BarEXTRUDED ALUMINUM METAL BAR southwest aluminum CONTACT US Tel:0086-0512-55105768 Fax:0086-0512-55105808 Official web: Alibaba web: related products:Read More

    • Military Industrial Aluminum Plate

      Contact NowMilitary Industrial Aluminum PlateMilitary Industrial Aluminum Plate southwest aluminum INTRODUCTION OF MILITARY ALUMINUM PLATE military use 5a05 aluminum plate, aluminum plate for 5 a03 military use, military use aluminum plate, aluminum plate for 5 a06 military use, 5005 military use aluminum plate, aluminum plate for 5052...Read More

    • Aluminum Alloy Tubing

      Contact NowAluminum Alloy TubingALUMINUM ALLOY TUBING southwest aluminum 1.PRODUCTION OF ALUMINUM ALLOY TUBING The aluminum tube is a kind of nonferrous metal tube, which refers to a metal tubular material which is extruded into a hollow tube along its longitudinal length by extrusion of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. Can...Read More

    • Aluminum Plate

      Contact NowAluminum PlateFACTORY WHOLESALE ALUMINUM PLATE CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU aluminum plate comes in 6061-t6 and 3003-h14 alloys. 6061 aluminum plate is a harder, more machinable aluminum. it is the workhorse of heat-treat alloys. uses include the production of sailboats, canoes, truck and bus bodies, scaffolding,...Read More

    • Aluminum forgings for Grinding Ring rolling

      Contact NowAluminum forgings for Grinding Ring rollingAluminum forgings for Grinding Ring, wheel hub, train wheel 1.Product details 2. Product application Aluminum forgings for Grinding Ring, wheel hub, train wheel 3. Why choose us CONTACT US: tel:0086-0512-55105768 official web: alibaba...Read More

    • Aluminum Flat Bar Stock

      Contact NowAluminum Flat Bar StockAluminium bars are widely used in many fields as Aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheel, screw elements, auto- indutry ,machinery parts and other various structuresRead More

    • 7050 Aluminum Alloy Plane Forgings

      Contact Now7050 Aluminum Alloy Plane ForgingsAluminium 7050 plate is available in two tempers. T7651 (AMS 4201) combines the highest strength with good exfoliation corrosion resistance and average SCC resistance.Read More

    • Aluminum Alloy Die forgings of High Speed Rail

      Contact NowAluminum Alloy Die forgings of High Speed RailDie forgings of aluminum alloy axle box for high speed rail train 1.Product introduction of axle box body aluminum forgings The material of the axle box body of the subway: 1, the traditional metro vehicle axle box body usually adopts cast steel. The advantages of cast steel are high strength...Read More

    • 5000 Series Aluminum Rod 8mm

      Contact Now5000 Series Aluminum Rod 8mm5000 series aluminum rods are wide use in the market. 5052 aluminum rod is actually a rust-proof aluminum, the alloy itself has a very good strength, in addition, 5052 aluminum rod also has good fatigue strength, that is, 5052 aluminum rod has a high plasticity At the same time, 5052 aluminum rod is very corrosion-resistant.Read More

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