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    • ASTM Aluminum Plate 7075

      Contact NowASTM Aluminum Plate 7075Application:In modern aircraft structural parts, the use of 1500-2000 kinds of aluminum castings, 7075 aluminum plate is widely used in products with high strength requirements.according to the different conditions and parts of the aircraft, the main use of three basic types of aluminum alloy: the high-strength aluminum alloy, heat-resistant aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. High-strength aluminum alloy is mainly used for aircraft fuselage parts, engine compartment, seats, operating systems, in most cases can replace aluminum die forgings. High-strength aluminum alloy in Russia is mainly aluminum - copper alloy, the main use of aluminum in the United States - copper - fierce line.Read More

    • Aluminum Forging Parts For Car

      Contact NowAluminum Forging Parts For CarAluminum forging parts for car Product introduction of aluminum forging According to the forging temperature, can be divided into hot forging, temperature forging and cold forging. According to forming mechanism, forging can be divided into free forging, die forging, grinding ring and special...Read More

    • Custom Made Aluminum Cam Flange/Aluminum Flange Pipe Fittings/ Aluminum Groove Hose Fitting/2 Adapter X NPT Female Aluminum Flange

      Contact NowCustom Made Aluminum Cam Flange/Aluminum Flange Pipe Fittings/ Aluminum Groove Hose Fitting/2 Adapter X NPT Female Aluminum FlangeRead More

    • Aluminum Forging Plate

      Contact NowAluminum Forging PlateALUMINUM FORGING PLATE Southwest Aluminum(kunshan)Co.,Ltd Tel:0086-0512-55105768 Fax:0086-0512-55105808 Official web: Alibaba web: product details of aluminum forging plate 2.Company equipment 3.Contact us send...Read More

    • 7075 Aluminum Plate

      Contact Now7075 Aluminum Plate7075 aluminum plate 1.Product introduction of 7075 aluminum plate 7075 aluminum plate used in the manufacture of aircraft structure and other requirements of high strength,strong corrosion resistance of the high stress structure,such as aircraft,under the wing panel,stringer frame,etc. 2.Product...Read More

    • 2A12 aluminum bar

      Contact Now2A12 aluminum barAnalysis of export situation of Chinese aluminum alloy wheel in September 2017 In September 2017, the export value of China's aluminum alloy wheels was 376 million US dollars, an increase of 9.6% compared with the same period, with an export volume of 82 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of...Read More

    • Custom Made High Precision Aluminum Parts for Car and Sensor

      Contact NowCustom Made High Precision Aluminum Parts for Car and SensorProduct DescriptionRead More

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