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What Are The Benefits Of All Aluminum Engines? Why Do You Use It All?
Nov 30, 2017


What are the benefits of all aluminum engines? Why do you use it all?

The first is light. In this era of light pursuit, even if a kilogram can be reduced, manufacturers are willing to do it. Compared with the cast iron engine, the aluminum engine can reduce weight by 10 to 20 kilograms, which can reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Secondly, the whole aluminum engine has good heat dissipation and strong anti detonation. The heat dissipation is good, which means that the oil temperature rises quickly, the wear to the cylinder body is small, and the vehicle can enter the working state faster. The antiknock ability means that the vehicle can use lower labeled fuel and save some expenses for the owner.

But all aluminum engine also has its own disadvantage, that is, the ability to resist high temperature is poor, and it can not adapt to long time and high power operation, which will limit the performance of the vehicle. However, this disadvantage is not obvious. Generally, it only affects the potential of vehicle modification without affecting the daily use.

What are the benefits of all aluminum engines? Why do you use it all?

So why are all kinds of sports cars and runs to all aluminum engines now? Are these used to run the track speed machine can run long time? Of course not. This is because they used a special layer of iron film inside the aluminum cylinder, which greatly enhanced the working temperature limit of the aluminum engine. But it's just a few luxury cars, and the whole aluminum engine that buys the carts has no technical content.

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