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Vedanta Resources Group Plans Major Investment In Bauxite And Alumina
Nov 08, 2017

Vedanta Resources Group plans major investment in bauxite and alumina

Vedanta Resources Group is the leading enterprise of India mining and metals; founder and chairman Anil Agarwal said the company will be on the oil and gas, production of aluminum, zinc, copper, silver, steel, investment in bauxite and rock phosphate mining business.

In an interview with Mint, Anil Agarwal said that the company will invest $9 billion in the next few years. This will meet India's demand for these goods. "These investments will create about one million jobs directly or indirectly. I'm very excited about this investment." He said.

The group will invest 15-20 billion dollars in aluminum smelting industry, and will invest 2 billion dollars in bauxite mining.

Anil Agarwal in a recent interview that Vedanta Resources Group is considering setting up a venture fund worth $1 billion, to help young entrepreneurs to start a business in India.

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