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The World Internet Conference Transmits China To Show China's Open Mind
Dec 04, 2017

The world Internet Conference transmits China to show China's open mind


"Developing the digital economy, promoting openness and sharing -- work together to build the destiny community of cyberspace". On the 3 day, the fourth World Internet Conference as the theme opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Both leaders discourses on cyberspace governance, and the corporate elite "in the future to machine into a" VS "as people become more concerned about the" mountain water machine "," the Wuzhen Jiangnan once again become the focus of the internet.

"In Wuzhen, it is not the entertainment star, but the Internet elite, which is surrounded by short guns of the media. Reporter to want to explore, not celebrity gossip, but the Internet and our way of life in the future." Talking about the feelings of the world Internet Conference, a senior media colleague said to the Global Times reporter.

Russian satellite network said that this year's World Internet Conference will last until Tuesday. The conference will focus on artificial intelligence and Internet to promote poverty alleviation, digital economy and other topics. There were more than 1500 guests from more than 80 countries, including Alibaba founder Ma Yun, US Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook, Russian Kabasiji laboratory founder Eugene Kaspersky, the father of Internet, Robert Kahn, etc.

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