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The Total Imports Of Aluminum Bars And Aluminum Profiles In Germany In 2017 Reached The Highest In EU Countries
Nov 02, 2017

Aluminum rod and aluminum profile industry has been quite perfect all over the world. The major exporters are not in China, the EU, Canada, the United States or japan. The European Union and the US market are most sensitive to aluminum prices because of large-scale infrastructure construction and refurbishment, the largest number of imported aluminum bars and aluminum profiles in the world.

Global import and export data show that Germany, Britain, Belgium, France and Italy is the EU's top five imports of aluminum and aluminum rod in china. Austria, Greece and Sweden followed.

In 2016, the import amount of aluminum bars and aluminum profiles in Germany was the highest, reaching 489303 tons. The total is expected to increase further this year and is expected to reach 505878 tons by the end of the year.

Britain still maintains the status of the second largest import country of aluminum rods and aluminum profiles in the eu. In 2016, the total imports of aluminum bars and aluminum profiles were 168652 tons. There will be a slight decline this year compared with last year, and the total is expected to drop to 133896 tons.

It is estimated that imports of aluminum bars and aluminum profiles will also decline this year, from 123446 tons in 2016 to 120227 tons.

The import of aluminum bars and aluminum profiles in France and Italy will soar in 2017, increasing from 229680 tons and 61642.5 tons in 2016 to 248749 tons in and 67485 tons in 2017.

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