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The Role Of China In The Global Trade Pattern
Sep 26, 2017

The role of China in the global trade pattern

China's role in the global trade pattern has undergone a major change, and globalization should also develop in transition. In the past, China was the recipient and the recipient of the global trade pattern. Today, the United States can not fully take into account the interests of all parties at home and abroad, and it is difficult to effectively force the development of other country, and has become China can play a key role to play the role of the country in the world, with trade pattern, conditions and ability to promote the globalization of new development road.

First of all, to actively support new globalization is an important way to avoid the "Kindleberger trap".

Looking back on history, in the early twentieth Century, the British Empire has shown signs of decline in the fields of finance, production, trade and military affairs, and has no intention to promote globalization. The newly emerging America was not prepared for the provision of international public goods, which led to the advent of the great depression and failed to organize strong international cooperation, but contributed to the outbreak of trade wars and exchange rate wars. Joseph Nabu the big power and rising power between the "responsibility of vacuum" is called "Kindleberger trap". Today, after the Second World War, the stability of the global order has declined, which requires China to be more active in opening up development and actively supporting new globalization. At the beginning of 2017, the general secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the Davos forum issued an important support and guide the sound of economic globalization, fully demonstrated the China time responsibility and sense of mission.

Second, countries have the will to advance globalization and Global trade governance.

In the long run of world economic development, the trend of globalization can not be reversed, but it will take on a new trend. The future continuation of American globalization road difficult to travel, protectionism is not feasible, only to take a new road of globalization, for the positive effects of economic globalization more released in different countries, different classes, different people share the benefits of economic globalization. So for china:

One is to continue to promote the "The Belt and Road construction, let more countries to achieve development in the new globalization integration. "Belt and Road Initiative" construction is by increasing the effective supply to stimulate new demand, open up a new way to globalization. The development of many "The Belt and Road" countries in the last round of departments in the process of globalization into difficult, difficult, facing the lack of infrastructure, industrial production and trade investment and financial support. At the same time, Chinese formed a huge production capacity and construction ability, have relatively abundant capital, and "The Belt and Road" country strong complementarity, cooperation in large space. Chinese support "The Belt and Road" area to improve the construction of infrastructure and enhance the industrial production capacity, vigorously develop along the high-speed railway construction and land trade, explore new ways of bilateral and multilateral regional cooperation, help relevant countries to share the benefits of globalization.

Two is to promote global trade, investment, tolerance, so that new globalization for more countries to develop services. The traditional globalization represents the interests of transnational capital has been difficult to sustain the new global future path to enhance the tolerance of trade and investment, making globalization services for the development of more countries, represents the development interests of the country. In 2016, in the course of hosting the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China promoted the G20 Global trade growth strategy and the G20 global investment guidance principle, which gathered the consensus of the international community. The future of international economic and trade rules to build inclusive win-win pattern of Global trade, the actual situation to fully take care of more countries, more and more industrial groups, efficiency and fairness, is not governed by closed vested interest groups, nor build exclusive economic and trade circles of discrimination, but can not let the majority of labor groups in global income distribution the unfair disadvantage.

Three is to take a new road of development, make domestic and international open development, form benign interaction. In the history of advocating globalization, the United States adopted a tough stance linked to economic, political and social issues. In turn, it neglected the contradictions between domestic economic and political and social development. A guide for the future, Chinese should learn this lesson in the process of globalization in support of the new. The system construction of the market economy China itself also has a great room for improvement, take their own the road of reform and opening up, not only conducive to their own across the middle income trap, an important way to play is the responsibility of the times, the international community building role model. A government that can promote the stable development of 1 billion 300 million people with large population will be accepted by the international community. In this sense, the fundamental foundation for China to advocate new globalization is the manifestation of China's domestic economic and social development.

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